I Don’t Live in Your Ashtray

Or your trashcan and by the way the world is not your dumpster.

I grew up having learned that the nazi and communist regimes encouraged their populace to spy on and report on the behavior of their fellow citizens. I’ve become someone that reports on the behavior of my fellow citizens. I’m as conflicted as I can possibly be. Why am I acting like this?

I live in a city that really is beautiful, but it seems to be populated with far too many incredibly selfish people. Am I still conflicted? The city of Huntsville has a program that I really have bought into. It’s called Green Team, yes I’m a tree hugger. No that’s not true, at least in the condscending way that phrase is typically used. I’m not a tree hugger, but I am an individual that is aware of how important trees and the environment are to a healthy planet. Into that comes the litter prevention program of the Huntsville Green Team.

Back during Steve Martin’s stand up comedy days he had a bit where he talked about the importance of having a litter bag in your car. He said it doesn’t take up much space and if it gets full you can just throw it out the window. I’ve always thought it was a clever bit of sarcasm. I had no idea so many people would regard it as advice.

I have embraced the litter prevention program as it ran smack into my disdain for cigarettes that goes back decades. Turns out the Green Team has a hot line – 53CLEAN (532-5326) and if you call it and report the offendor they will send them a warning. Of course this program only works if there is a modicum of shame and it is my fear that the kind of person who will toss a cigarette butt out of their window probabaly doesn’t have a strong sense of shame. And I’d guess that actually doing the right thing is just a concept with a flexible reality for this type of person. None the less I use the hot line with much glee.

Last night was an entirely new experience for me. I noticed a piece of paper that I initially thought was tossed out of the passenger window of the car in front of us, but surely that wouldn’t happen. There’s no way people are that shameless that they’d just toss litter out while in traffic is there? Well I’m glad you asked, yes indeed people are in fact that shameless that they’d toss the garbage they couldn’t put inside of themselves out of the window inspite of traffic. And here comes the bag from the fast food place to prove it. Fortunately I got their information and I have the Green Team on speed dial.

I wish this was an odd occurance, but it seems to be something that is beoming far too common. Why are people de-evolving? Keep shoveling stuff against the tide, I know I will.

Even though I am reporting on my fellow residents, I do not in any way feel bad about it. I really wish the penalty was a loss of license and vehicle. But truth be told I accept that this is a new reality where we demand to be respected while disrespecting everything around us.. I’m still conflicted.

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Where Have You Been?

What’s Been Going On?

How Are You Doing?

It’s been more than a year since I’ve posted anything on this site. So I guess the questions above are valid for anyone who really followed this site out of interest. Here’s a question for you – Are you interested?

I do not believe I can answer the questions I opened with here on this site unless you have a great deal of time or unless you are really interested. Turns out, inspite of my constantly saying it isn’t so, it all too often is more complicated than it should be. What is more complicated? Most everything, right down to choosing the shoes I’ll wear today. Brown shoes, with these socks? what color is my belt? does this belt go with the style of these pants? What is Kim wearing today, will I clash with her style? Will my wordrobe choice cause her to feel differently about her choice of wardrobe?

Time to go take a shower and continue the neuron and synapse battle in my head over getting dressed.

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Pizza Time

I really do like pizza.

We lived near the top of a long hill when we lived in Wiesbaden, Germany. At the bottom of the hill was a small shop by the name of Capizzis. They made some amazing pizzas. The pizzas were small, only about 9 inches across, but they were delicious. We’d buy three so that we could eat one in the car on the way home to our apartment. I can practically smell that shop as I sit here thinking about it.

Now there is an odd thing between me and pizza. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much pizza that I couldn’t take another bite or just one more slice. And I believe I could eat pizza for every meal. I’ve left many a pizza buffet with plenty of room for more. In fact I think the main reason I don’t eat until I explode is 10% embarrassment and 90% hassle. Or maybe those numbers are reversed.

Are there any foods / meals that you just can’t get enough of?

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Rogue Eyelashes

I’m blind in my right eye, not totally blind, but 20/200 which is pretty high on the “dang near blind” scale, so I’m legally blind in my right eye. This is normally not a real problem for me other than one specific event that I do not fully understand. There are times when an eyelash or a small gang of eyelashes will go rogue.

Yesterday on the drive to church I encountered that annoying pain of an eyelash going rogue. You know, when it decides it will stop doing its job of protecting the eyeball from irritants and will instead attack the eyeball it should protect! If it happens to my right eye, I’ll power through and really I can rub it without any concern, but when it happens in my left eye – OOO-WEE! If I attempt to ease the pain by sweeping the eyelash with my finger – there is a moment when I am driving blind. Woe to me if the first swipe just makes the rogue eyelash(es) angry, now it’s really a bad deal for my vision (and the safety of anyone near me).

I wonder why eyelashes go rogue?

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A Prayer to the God of the Resurrection

I can not say this any better. This so eloquently captures my feelings and thoughts. Praise God for the way he has created Starlette.

imagesOn Friday, we watched the Teacher become the Lesson, using the cross as a chalkboard for some and a digital whiteboard for others. On Saturday, we learned that even the silence speaks for God, that the dirt cannot cover God’s mouth. Today, we remember that even the grave is a womb in the hands of God, that You carry life everywhere.

I offer this prayer of deep gratitude to You, the God of the Resurrection.

God, You are inconceivable and unbelievable. We confess that only You can turn a grave into a pulpit. Angels stand on rocks to proclaim Your message: “He is not here; he is risen!”[i] Only You can create out of the nothingness of death, declaring, “Let there be resurrection!”[ii] You could not return to the earth because Divinity is not made of dirt.

Only You can turn grave clothes into pajamas. Only You can…

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We all have them. Some are well founded and some are just silly. When we engage or participate in an activity we are more than likely going in with some expectations. How would our lives look if we did not have expectations? Do expectations hinder or help? Always? What happens if your expectations are not met?
I ordered the crawfish etoufe, I expected a spoon. Tastes just fine with a fork.


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The Sole People

Just $10 and you can be part of the solution.

teanna sunberg

DSC_0974September 2015 – When the rains came down.

I remember those 90 minutes to the Röszke border as an incessant stream of rain.  The main thought on my mind was ‘How did these families make it through the night?’

At that point in the global migration, we naively believed that the tide of refugees from the Middle East would reduce to a trickle with the winter. What we secretly did not believe, we verbalized as hope, because the alternative was too difficult to imagine. To know the Balkans in winter, is to know that mother nature’s foul mood rips and chews the skin when given the chance.

‘When the winter comes, then what?’ I hushed the ugly voice in my heart like a bully scares a small annoyance into silence.

The day’s reality was a pitiful tent that did her feeble best to protect the donated clothes and shoes from the downpour. She had no…

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