What One Word Describes President Trump?

I had responded to a post on FaceBook that asked for a one word response to describe President Trump.

I wrote – Narcissist.  I believe this describes him with no need to explain it.  I did get challenged however as it seems in this day and age if you have an opinion that doesn’t jibe with another then your opinion must be challenged.  And of course the challenge was borne of a desire to soften the word in light of President Trump.  Well he was a narcissist long before he became president so I think it applies even now regardless of what happens to others.

I don’t need my choice of a single word justified or rationalized.

But since there was an attempt to rationalize my choice of Narcissist, here are a few more one word answers:

Greedy – Money is (now and has always been) his measure of success.

Asshole – Hyperbole is his greatest friend, ever meet one of those guys?? The guy with the biggest this, most that, costliest car, plane, boat, helicopter? Isn’t this the kind of fella you just hope you can hang out with? Asshole!

Prick – Hate to use this term to describe him as he may think it’s a compliment, it’s not.

Phony – Claims NAFTA was a bad deal.  USMCA is NAFTA repackaged with 20% less creativity. Puts himself forward as a christian and the friend of christians, his christian counsel is nothing but the name it claim it crowd – like minded money worshippers.  The Art of The Deal – his book – Ghost Written!

Unethical – Not afraid to lie if it serves his purposes. Largest crowd ever at an inauguration – 2016, (NOPE – 2008).  Muslims dancing in the street post September 11, 2001, (Didn’t happen, but hey it riles up the anti-muslim vote, so…).

Really unethical – Yeah it’s two words and yeah it’s kind of a repeat. Forces us (taxpayers) to pick up the tab at his Mar-A-Largo resort where he goes to play golf almost weekly. Hey wait wasn’t that one of the things that all republicans and himself hated President Obama for doing?  Yeah, but he donates his salary to charity.  His regular visits to go golfing have cost us far more than his salary and his family reaps the benefit. Feel like he’s screwing you yet?  Close your eyes and tell yourself he’s draining the swamp.

Jerk – This one doesn’t really need an explanation.  But for those of you who will defend him – Calling a sitting senator Pocahontas is pretty much a total jerk move. Making fun of people who you don’t like from a public national stage is so incredibly petty that it will become known as the definition of a jerk.

Conman – He got elected as a successful business man, See Selfish.  Build that wall!

Criminal – Let’s wait and see what the special counsel uncovers.

Disloyal – Quit or resigned from his administration? Brace yourself for the onslaught of statements about your loyalty (Pot meet Kettle)

Womanizer – Just ask any playmate, XXX movie star, or “pussy” you see.

Unfaithful – 3rd wife, see womanizer.

Small – Think campaign debates with Senator Marco Rubio.  Given his focus, is there a more personal problem?

Crude – See small.

Criminal – This really deserves to be on here twice.  Paid hush money so all of those who have confused their salvation with their politics wouldn’t notice how much of a whore monger he was.  OOOH Whore monger.

Selfish – Going to lose money on one of your developments? – Just declare bankruptcy. Screw those subcontractors they should have made a better deal.  How Bad their deal was – they should have made a deal with an ethical company that cares about their success too, very bad.

Since it was suggested that most people who occupy the office become narcissists, I have to ask – Do most presidents become these things too? Or is it possible he came to office as a narcissist and these things?

He may be effective if I’m willing to redefine my idea of effective.

I left Draft Dodger out of this list because it’s two words, but I remember how much heat President Clinton got from republicans for being that.

I never voted for President Clinton.  Even though time has demonstrated that he was far more conservative than President Trump.  I didn’t vote for President Clinton, Candidate Trump, or Mrs. Clinton because Character matters.  I didn’t vote for a person who seems to lack any shred of character then (Clinton) and didn’t just two years ago (Trump & Clinton).  In fact, I wonder where my Christian brothers and sisters where in 2016, you know those who cried loudly about the lack of character of President Clinton?  The republicans fielded a candidate in 2016 who had openly and repeatedly demonstrated that women were little more than semen repositories to him and yet….

You can tell allot about a man by the company he keeps.  Did you notice how uncomfortable the rest of the former Presidents felt around this current title holder?  Have you noticed how uneasy the body language of Putin and Kim Jong Un are around Trump and yet how much he desires to have a relationship with them?  When the office is all about you….

I miss men and women like Bob Dole, Carly Fiorini, Colin Powell, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Condoleezza Rice, Margaret Thatcher, Frederick M. Franks Jr., and George H.W. Bush.  World leaders we could encourage our sons and daughters to be like.


About Kim & Dale Anton

We are average empty nesters. Dale works, Kim volunteers and we do most everything together, because we enjoy each others company very much..
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