The Race Problem: When You’re Tired of Eating Elephant

I am a fan of this blogger, Starlette writes with beautiful depth and clarity.

The Raceless Gospel

etc_elephantroom50__01__630x420Some one asked the question, “How do you eat an elephant?” Some one else answered, “One bite at a time.” I don’t know who eats elephant or thinks that they can eat it all. I never have and don’t think that I would have the taste for one. Who wrote this menu anyway?

Still, for those who don’t mind the gray mammal that can weigh some seven tons or 14,000 pounds, what happens when you don’t want another bite? When you are sick of leftover elephant, don’t want to see another elephant, when you become nauseous when you hear the word elephant? How many dishes can you make using an elephant? How many times can you open your mouth when you don’t have the appetite, when you cannot stomach another race- related incident?

Oh, yes. Race. That’s the elephant in the room, on the dinner table, passed around and passed…

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About Kim & Dale Anton

We are average empty nesters. Dale works, Kim volunteers and we do most everything together, because we enjoy each others company very much..
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