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The End Of The World As We Know It

Well it’s here – the apocalypse.   They have detected two probable cases of the (don’t tell anyone I used this term) swine flu in north AL.   All county and city schools are closed.  We’re somebody, we’ve got it.  … Continue reading

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The Sky Is Falling

Today has been an odd day, and I’d like to poke the news industry.  Please note that I don’t think of them as media or as objective news reporters, they gave up on that quite some time ago and they … Continue reading

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Wednesday = Wackday

Last Wednesday was crazy.  We’re seeing a pattern here.   We got to dance class on time, admittedly last week was on us for arriving late.  Last night I had a hard time getting some of the business of work … Continue reading

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What Type of Vehicle Are We?

My very good friends Andy and Brian are in Chicago for a fun filled vacation away from us (conference).  Brian sent me a text today to tease me and make me wish I were there.  But the text was challenging:  … Continue reading

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They’re Baaaack, Well Sort Of

Last fall we had a little problem with our rear tires while we were on a trip out to Arkansas.  Well the good folks at Dunlop motorcycle tires did right by us in taking care of the problem.  They may have … Continue reading

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What Happened to March?

It has been quite a long time since we’ve posted anything here.  Not that we have not been busy.   For example, last Wednesday, April 15, in addition to sending the state of Alabama a check; we went to our … Continue reading

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