I Ain’t No Plumber

I’m the son of a real carpenter, not some framer, sheet rock hanger, or cabinet maker. Those are all fine professions and I should know because he could do all of them. He was the real deal. We lived in an area of alot of historic homes and he was a go to for restoration carpentry, because he knew the “old ways”. But, he hated plumbing, not as much as he hated mechanic work, but it was a tight race. The only skill I inherited from him was his intense dislike of plumbing.

We are fortunate to have a house, but the toilets in our house seem to be prone to destroying the flapper valve with some extreme regularity. I’ve gotten good at doing the ‘handle jiggle’ to avoid replacing the flapper, but there comes a time when the dang thing must be replaced. It’s a simple task, but I have that anti-plumber gene. A little over a week ago I finally did it, I replaced the flapper. By the way have I mentioned that the toilet was working with the exception of the flapper. The beauty of the flapper replacement is there is no need to shut off the supply valve, no tools are needed, and the task is actually simple. So, flapper replaced. Tank begins to fill – tank is full – tank continues to fill. The fill valve seems to have taken notice of the new flapper and is not happy. The fill valve which had been working just fine before the flapper was replaced has now failed.

Alright this just got a bit more serious. Now I’ll have to shut off the supply valve and drain the tank to replace the fill valve. So, down to the floor and grab the shut off valve. The shut off valve turns and turns and turns. It doesn’t work! Now I have two failures and they are compounding failures. The fill valve is an involved repair, but the supply valve means I have to shut off the water to the house and may involve sweating a pipe. Fortunately I have fill valves with compression fittings – the first win in this entire affair.

Yesterday I bought all of the necessary plumbing supplies for the toilet repair and a sill cock for an outside faucet that needed to be replaced. Hey, if I have to shut off the water at the street I might as well make a day of it. I shut off the water and drain the system. Immediately I replace the sill cock and had that checked off the list. Next up that pesky toilet and the multiple repairs needed. I removed the supply line, drained the tank, and removed the fill valve. Next I removed the supply valve and replaced it with the new 1/4 turn valve. This is going really well. I had a bit of a hiccup with the new fill valve. The instructions were a bit unclear, but I muddled through and figured it out.

New supply valve in place, new supply line installed, fill valve in place and adjusted, floor is dried, all connections are tight, and I’m ready to turn the water back on. This is really going well in spite of my total disdain for any form of plumbing. Water is turned on at the street, I head in and turn on the supply valve. Success! The tank begins to fill. The fill valve shuts off as it should and I have adjusted the water level correctly. Now I check the connections for leaks and nothing is wet. I’ve really done some hydraulic magic today.

Two hours later, there is a small pool of water on the floor in the very area directly under the repairs I’ve just completed. Dang it. I check all of the connections and nothing is wet. I check a few other things and discover there is a leak at one of the bolts that hold the tank to the bowl. What the..? Apparently I own the throne of satan. I ain’t no dang plumber, but I do what I have to do. Next up I’ve got to get some bolts and gaskets. Fortunately I have that wonderful new shut off valve.

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What One Word Describes President Trump?

I had responded to a post on FaceBook that asked for a one word response to describe President Trump.

I wrote – Narcissist.  I believe this describes him with no need to explain it.  I did get challenged however as it seems in this day and age if you have an opinion that doesn’t jibe with another then your opinion must be challenged.  And of course the challenge was borne of a desire to soften the word in light of President Trump.  Well he was a narcissist long before he became president so I think it applies even now regardless of what happens to others.

I don’t need my choice of a single word justified or rationalized.

But since there was an attempt to rationalize my choice of Narcissist, here are a few more one word answers:

Greedy – Money is (now and has always been) his measure of success.

Asshole – Hyperbole is his greatest friend, ever meet one of those guys?? The guy with the biggest this, most that, costliest car, plane, boat, helicopter? Isn’t this the kind of fella you just hope you can hang out with? Asshole!

Prick – Hate to use this term to describe him as he may think it’s a compliment, it’s not.

Phony – Claims NAFTA was a bad deal.  USMCA is NAFTA repackaged with 20% less creativity. Puts himself forward as a christian and the friend of christians, his christian counsel is nothing but the name it claim it crowd – like minded money worshippers.  The Art of The Deal – his book – Ghost Written!

Unethical – Not afraid to lie if it serves his purposes. Largest crowd ever at an inauguration – 2016, (NOPE – 2008).  Muslims dancing in the street post September 11, 2001, (Didn’t happen, but hey it riles up the anti-muslim vote, so…).

Really unethical – Yeah it’s two words and yeah it’s kind of a repeat. Forces us (taxpayers) to pick up the tab at his Mar-A-Largo resort where he goes to play golf almost weekly. Hey wait wasn’t that one of the things that all republicans and himself hated President Obama for doing?  Yeah, but he donates his salary to charity.  His regular visits to go golfing have cost us far more than his salary and his family reaps the benefit. Feel like he’s screwing you yet?  Close your eyes and tell yourself he’s draining the swamp.

Jerk – This one doesn’t really need an explanation.  But for those of you who will defend him – Calling a sitting senator Pocahontas is pretty much a total jerk move. Making fun of people who you don’t like from a public national stage is so incredibly petty that it will become known as the definition of a jerk.

Conman – He got elected as a successful business man, See Selfish.  Build that wall!

Criminal – Let’s wait and see what the special counsel uncovers.

Disloyal – Quit or resigned from his administration? Brace yourself for the onslaught of statements about your loyalty (Pot meet Kettle)

Womanizer – Just ask any playmate, XXX movie star, or “pussy” you see.

Unfaithful – 3rd wife, see womanizer.

Small – Think campaign debates with Senator Marco Rubio.  Given his focus, is there a more personal problem?

Crude – See small.

Criminal – This really deserves to be on here twice.  Paid hush money so all of those who have confused their salvation with their politics wouldn’t notice how much of a whore monger he was.  OOOH Whore monger.

Selfish – Going to lose money on one of your developments? – Just declare bankruptcy. Screw those subcontractors they should have made a better deal.  How Bad their deal was – they should have made a deal with an ethical company that cares about their success too, very bad.

Since it was suggested that most people who occupy the office become narcissists, I have to ask – Do most presidents become these things too? Or is it possible he came to office as a narcissist and these things?

He may be effective if I’m willing to redefine my idea of effective.

I left Draft Dodger out of this list because it’s two words, but I remember how much heat President Clinton got from republicans for being that.

I never voted for President Clinton.  Even though time has demonstrated that he was far more conservative than President Trump.  I didn’t vote for President Clinton, Candidate Trump, or Mrs. Clinton because Character matters.  I didn’t vote for a person who seems to lack any shred of character then (Clinton) and didn’t just two years ago (Trump & Clinton).  In fact, I wonder where my Christian brothers and sisters where in 2016, you know those who cried loudly about the lack of character of President Clinton?  The republicans fielded a candidate in 2016 who had openly and repeatedly demonstrated that women were little more than semen repositories to him and yet….

You can tell allot about a man by the company he keeps.  Did you notice how uncomfortable the rest of the former Presidents felt around this current title holder?  Have you noticed how uneasy the body language of Putin and Kim Jong Un are around Trump and yet how much he desires to have a relationship with them?  When the office is all about you….

I miss men and women like Bob Dole, Carly Fiorini, Colin Powell, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Condoleezza Rice, Margaret Thatcher, Frederick M. Franks Jr., and George H.W. Bush.  World leaders we could encourage our sons and daughters to be like.

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Brothers in Arms

Travel over here and consider helping Brothers in Arms

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Do or Done?

I am created in the image of God, yet I am descended from Adam. I may have a godly visage, but I bear a boatload of sin. I want to be a good person, I follow the law especially those that are easy and don’t inconvenience me. But, still I realize i’m not good enough. How can I become good enough that God would approve of me?

What can I do? Are there rules I can follow? Not really. The rules only point out how much I can’t follow them. There is nothing I can do, but fortunately it has all been done! Not because of any thing I do, but because of what Christ has done. He has borne my sin and has taken the punishment I deserve for my failure to keep the law and follow the rules. His death is my sacrifice. His blood clears my transgressions. His death and resurrection are my redemption. I cannot redeem myself no matter how much I try. The death I deserve has been absorbed, my condemnation had been lifted.

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Romans 8:1

Praise God!

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via “Overwhelming”

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I’d Like to See the Light

I was recently scrolling through my facebook news feed. I happened upon a post that linked to a WND article titled:


Energy Dept. cites misunderstanding of law

The article is full of a lot of non-science and even includes this line as a stand alone paragraph: “Opponents of the ban argued incandescents have benefits not offered by alternatives.” Such as?

Given that this ban went into effect not so long ago I remember all of the hub-bub and debate.

Allow me to take a moment to qualify myself.

I am a man. I am a follower of Christ. I am middle class, I am white. I am a republican. I was raised on a farm in the mid-west. I am a bit cheap. I like classics and technology. I (like to think I) am generous. I am concerned about the environment. I did not vote for President Obama. I did not vote for President Trump. There is more, but at some point you have to stop and hope that people will accept that I have reasoning capability beyond my ‘tags’. I do have to include this one, even though it is a bit long – I am reasonable and believe that things and ideas are more complex than the single perspective from which they are presented.

Okay the ground work is set.

I enjoy seeing. Sounds strange to read that line. I am legally blind in one eye so I really don’t see as much as some, but still seeing is not over rated. I think the light bulb is a wonderful piece of technology and surprisingly, even after so many years, it is technology that is being improved and made better.

At one point there was just the incandescent bulb. Electricity flows through a filament and the excited electrons generate heat and light. Not terribly efficient, but it works. That technology was refined and various types of filaments were developed allowing the consumer to decide between a plethora of ‘wattages’ or brightness levels. 40 watt bulbs produced less light than 100 watt bulbs, but they also consumed (or wasted) less energy. I use a bulb for the light not the heat. I do know that bulbs can be used for heat – two uses come immediately to mind; Brooder house lamps and the Easy Bake Oven. (I hope that you do a web search on those two distinctly disparate items.)

Lights are lights – well even lights must change. See what I did there. As technology and the desire for more efficiency pushed forward the common light bulb was reinvented and redesigned over the years until a first real big break, the Compact Fluorescent Bulb or CFB. This was certainly more efficient, but not as pleasant. It was oddly shaped and didn’t cast the same pleasing tone of light as the incandescent bulbs of yore. Environmentally and health wise the CFB posed great risks and dare I say – DANGER! Hazardous chemicals and heavy metals were used in the manufacture and as components of the CFB. Tossing a used CFB into the trash-bin was really not a safe thing to do. All of these negatives meant the bulbs were universally disliked. They weren’t expensive and lasted longer than incandescent bulbs, but they were rejected by consumers.

Next up on the light bulb evolutionary trail the Light Emitting Diode or LED. This bulb used far less energy, produced almost no heat (extremely efficient), lasted a long time, posed a much-much smaller environmental threat (manufacturing), but the LED bulb was (past tense) wildly expensive. The initial bulbs were weird looking and the light was glaringly harsh. As time and technology moved forward the LED evolved. It was manufactured to look like the old reliable incandescent and the LED components were modified to produce a wider range of light. Now you could purchase an LED that was a direct replacement for the incandescent. It cost 3 times more, but lasted 6 times longer. (My numbers for hyperbole only. Just pulling your leg, these are seat of the pants numbers based on my experience.) The cost is coming down as the LED gains wider acceptance.

Why then is this article in WND such an issue? Heck, why is this light bulb thing such an issue? I do not know. I wondered about my friends who rushed out to buy and stockpile all the 100 watt bulbs they could find. I tried to understand the logic. Why in the world do you desire to buy a bulb that is hugely inefficient and must be replaced more often than a babies diaper? You willingly incur greater operating cost for no appreciable (potentially negative) benefit? Does this sound rational? Sane? Reasonable? Responsible?

I suggest we also give up electrical starters in our cars. Hand cranks baby! That’s the way God and Henry Ford made ’em and that’s the way it should be.

Now I understand the market drove the innovation and adoption of the electric starter. I also acknowledge the government stepped in and banned the manufacture of the 100 watt bulb. I abhor the growth and over reach of the government intrusion into my life. But this light bulb thing is an issue where I really don’t understand the uproar. The government did step in and force the early demise of an outdated and inefficient product. How did that change the course of my life really?

I’d really like to see the light.

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Doing justice to our bodies: How race wrongs us

I love this.

See the source image

“The problem is solved, not by giving new information, but by arranging what we have known since long.”

| Ludwig Wittgenstein

This past week, I had the opportunity to attend the Baptist World Alliance’s Annual Gathering in Zurich, Switzerland and to present a  paper as a member of the Commission on Racial and Gender Justice.  Below is a portion of the presentation.

Post- racial.  The word causes angst and anxiety.  “Race is not behind us,” some say.  Because we continue to judge persons based on their external appearance.  But, not only that.  Based on physical characteristics and traits, we have created a system of rewards and punishments.  It is a privilege to be socially colored white and it is a problem[i] to be socially colored black and most any other skin “color.”

More than a word, the social construct of race creates a way of being and seeing…

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