A Prayer to the God of the Resurrection

I can not say this any better. This so eloquently captures my feelings and thoughts. Praise God for the way he has created Starlette.

imagesOn Friday, we watched the Teacher become the Lesson, using the cross as a chalkboard for some and a digital whiteboard for others. On Saturday, we learned that even the silence speaks for God, that the dirt cannot cover God’s mouth. Today, we remember that even the grave is a womb in the hands of God, that You carry life everywhere.

I offer this prayer of deep gratitude to You, the God of the Resurrection.

God, You are inconceivable and unbelievable. We confess that only You can turn a grave into a pulpit. Angels stand on rocks to proclaim Your message: “He is not here; he is risen!”[i] Only You can create out of the nothingness of death, declaring, “Let there be resurrection!”[ii] You could not return to the earth because Divinity is not made of dirt.

Only You can turn grave clothes into pajamas. Only You can…

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We all have them. Some are well founded and some are just silly. When we engage or participate in an activity we are more than likely going in with some expectations. How would our lives look if we did not have expectations? Do expectations hinder or help? Always? What happens if your expectations are not met?
I ordered the crawfish etoufe, I expected a spoon. Tastes just fine with a fork.


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The Sole People

Just $10 and you can be part of the solution.

Across Cultures

DSC_0974September 2015 – When the rains came down.

I remember those 90 minutes to the Röszke border as an incessant stream of rain.  The main thought on my mind was ‘How did these families make it through the night?’

At that point in the global migration, we naively believed that the tide of refugees from the Middle East would reduce to a trickle with the winter. What we secretly did not believe, we verbalized as hope, because the alternative was too difficult to imagine. To know the Balkans in winter, is to know that mother nature’s foul mood rips and chews the skin when given the chance.

‘When the winter comes, then what?’ I hushed the ugly voice in my heart like a bully scares a small annoyance into silence.

The day’s reality was a pitiful tent that did her feeble best to protect the donated clothes and shoes from the downpour. She had no…

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A New Year Begins (Again)

The Time and Tide Wait for No One.

Ahh, Happy New Year! Is there any phrase other than “Opening day of Baseball Spring Training” that offers so much hope? So much promise? Optimism is palpable as it simmers just below the surface of all those unspoken thoughts and plans. I know this because I have all of my own happy optimistic plans too. I could list them, but to do so will create a list against which my eventual loss of motivation can be measured and I’m not interested in that.

So today I luxurate in the warmth of my home and watch the pups play and tumble. Maybe I’ll focus on all that I have this year and attempt to weed it down by sharing some of my blessings with others throughout this coming year. I’d love to enter the next year with less stuff. I hope that my resolve to spend less, save more, and give away a good bit is met.

Enjoy your new year and best of luck.

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Hello from Hope Church

For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another. (Galatians 5:13 ESV)

“Liberty means responsibility. That’s why most men dread it.” – George Bernard Shaw.

The book of Galatians has been a declaration of freedom. The gospel is freedom from sin, from Satan’s kingdom, and ultimately from death. But it’s also freedom from self-salvation projects. We are not trying to earn God’s love for us. The gospel tells us we already have it! Amazing!

But now, what do we do with that freedom? Are we to live however we want? And what, or maybe better, who helps us discover life in this newfound freedom? This week we begin to explore this new life, a life in the Spirit. I want to encourage you to read Galatians 5 to prepare your heart and mind for what we will explore this weekend.

1661 Balch Road, Madison AL

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A 3- Minute Lesson on Race

As Artie Shaw used to say, “Very interesting.” Thinking while informed, let’s all be guilty of TWI.

You’ve got time for this class and it is brought to you by Jenée Desmond Harris.  It is a lesson that must be learned and that bears repeating.  Harris starts from the beginning of race and no, she does not begin in the book of Genesis.  Lie #1 struck down.  Race is not that old.

Race is a lot of things but biological, biblical or original to our being are not to be included.  Still, the misrepresentation of who we are continues and so does the cycle of hatred.  Race wars are plotted against places of worship for African Americans and Jews.  Protests seem unending, CNN describing last year as “a year of outrage.”  The hashtag Black Lives Matter has become a movement.  Right now, the University of Missouri has been added to the list and to the ongoing conversation on race after accusations of racism on campus…

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I love this lady. She is so bold.

blessed by others

My lips are moving but no sound is coming out as I pray for open ears and an open heart.  I am fervently praying from the backseat of the car as I listen to the worker share the Gospel message to a woman who has no hope.  She (the women) just finished telling me that she was so angry, so depressed that she just throws things.  She gets angry at her children if they don’t answer her immediately when asked a question.  She knows she is doing it, but she cannot control it.  She says that she has no hope, no reason to be happy.  We are driving her to her third chemotherapy appointment and she is dreading what it is going to make her feel like.  She recently had a mastectomy and is now going through all of the treatment.  My heart is joyful as I hear this worker…

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